Interactive map of Maxwell Park 1942 to present

Click here for an interactive map


2 thoughts on “Interactive map of Maxwell Park 1942 to present

  1. Editor
    Sonoma Index-Tribune

    Dear Editor,

    Decide the Future of Maxwell Park appears to offer interested citizens a doorway to right an old wrong. This utterly unique property now deeply penetrated with modern land use conventions, shopping and developed recreational park presence indeed has still living a back story and much unfilled opportunity.

    I walk this land almost daily and while I have no pictures from long ago to contribute I share a hunger for and feelings about protecting what Ruth Denny, it’s previous owner, had in mind and fought to have at the table of public use and discussion.

    I celebrate the forthright interested ad hoc citizens in their endeavors and hope many come to the historical tours April 11.

    Ned Hoke OMD, L.Ac.


    • Thanks Ned for your stong endorsement and inciteful reading of the Maxwell story. Did you send this letter to the Index Tribune? I am just a beginning mind when it comes to all this social media stuff. I don’t yet know how these tools work or what they do. We just barely got a facebook beginning page and a wordpress website up before the publication of the IT insert before Easter. Now we have to begin to learn how to use these toys as tools to create a community conversation and historical archive. If anyone out there is able to help, then by all means, join in.
      Larry Davis


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